Houzeo Showings

The only digital showing scheduling app designed with home sellers and buyers in mind.

  • Sellers can setup their own showing calendars, easily accept and reject showing requests, and even release access instructions to buyers and buyer agents. Houzeo’s “ID Verify” is fully integrated with Houzeo Showings, providing sellers peace of mind when releasing access instructions to verified buyers and agents.

  • Buyers and buyer agents can directly request showings from the mobile app or the web listing. Once verified, they even get access instructions if the seller has provided them.

Houzeo Showings

Houzeo Showings is FREE For all GOLD and PLATINUM Sellers

Buyers don’t need an agent to request a showing

Buyers can request showings directly from the seller without engaging an agent. Once verified, they can also get access instructions if the seller provides them.

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Buyers don’t need an agent to request a showing

Sellers control your own Showing Calendar

This is the only showing solution where you can modify your showing calendar, accept and decline appointments, and even program access instructions.

Buyers don’t need an agent to request a showing


Houzeo Showings is free for Gold and Platinum sellers


Access instructions are released only to verified buyers and agents


You have full control over your calendar. No more going through a middleman

It’s also the most advanced Showing app in Real Estate

Yes, Houzeo Showings gives you additional security with ID Verify, but there’s more. Once you set your calendar, everyone from inspectors to appraisers to real estate agent doing walkthroughs can request an appointment via Houzeo Showings! Did we mention Houzeo Showings is available on the Houzeo mobile app as well? Download now!

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