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In a typical real estate transaction, you’re constantly looking for information. When is the inspection report coming through? Is the appraisal scheduled? What’s the buyer agent commission? Did the buyer sign closing docs? Did the loan fund?

Houzeo’s Digital Transaction Management System aims to remove the friction between people, tasks, documents, and data. You will know the current status, and what needs to happen next.

DigiTransact has 4 components:

  • Milestones: Important dates in your transaction with milestone owners.

  • Tasks: Actions that need to be completed before a milestone can be marked complete.

  • Notifications: Alerts that inform you of upcoming milestones and status updates.

  • Reminders: Prompts that remind task and milestone owners of upcoming and overdue actions.

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Houzeo DigiTransact

DigiTransact is in BETA Testing. It is FREE for all Houzeo Home Sellers

Your team in one place

With DigiTransact, you collaborate with all the parties on your transaction in one place. The inspector, the title agent, the notary, and everyone else. If someone is dragging their feet, you can nudge them and keep your closing on track.

And for in-person events, DigiTransact is integrated with Houzeo Showings. When parties need to schedule an inspection, final walkthrough, or even the closing – they use Houzeo Showings.

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Your team in one place

Get ahead of the game

DigiTransact lets you know what are the key upcoming dates you need to be aware of, and what dates have already passed. And DigiTransact is now on the Houzeo Mobile App!

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Get ahead of the game


Your entire transaction team in one place


Know your transaction status at all times


Now available on the Houzeo mobile app!

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